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About DeepSec

Bringing together the world's leading security professionals from academics, government, industry, and the underground hacking community.

Impression from the DeepSec IDSC 2007 conference:

DeepSec IDSC is an annual European two-day in-depth conference on computer, network, and application security. DeepSec IDSC 2008 will be held from November 11nd to 14th 2008 in the Imperial Riding School Vienna, and aims to bring together the leading security experts from all over the world in Europe.

In addition to the conference with thirty-two sessions, seven two-day intense security training courses will be held before the main conference. The conference program will be augmented with a live hacking competition and a team capture the flag contest.

DeepSec is a non-product, non-vendor-biased conference. Our aim is to present the best research and experience from the fields' leading experts.

Target Audience: Security Officers, Security Professionals and Product Vendors, IT Decision Makers, Policy Makers, Security-, Network-, and Firewall-Admins, and Software Developers.

In the past this conference has been attended by: Ericsson, Commerzbank, Philips, RBT, GRZ IT, IERN Sierra Leone, SAP, Improware, Telekom Austria, Microsoft, BAWAG, T-Systems, Iphos, Sektion Eins, T-Mobile, Red Hat, SWITCH, Austrian National Bank, Daimler, Sentrigo, University of Vienna, SEC Consult, Tech Data, S21Sec, DHL, Bearing Point, Cygnos, wecon, YCO, and many others.