DeepSec GmbH
c/o Mr. René Pfeiffer
Bräuhausgasse 32
1050 Wien, Austria

DeepSec GmbH
VAT ID: ATU63522646
Business registration number: FN 294621 t
Customs EORI code: ATEOS1000025635

General communication: (GPG/PGP 0x49CE0CBEC210A5CE)
Head of Communications: Susanne Firzinger
Creative director: Florian Stocker (GPG/PGP 0x1AC824A2AD8C7E74)
Management: René Pfeiffer (GPG/PGP 0x518A0576C3A9FF76)
You can also download all our public keys from this server.

Mobile/GSMK Cryptophone™: +43.676.5626390, +807.949.050.59 (René 'Lynx' Pfeiffer), Signal preferred / Threema available
Office GSMK Cryptophone™: +807.911.52.401
Office phone: +43.720.349387 (DeepSec via VoIP), +43.677.61356623 Crowes Agency (our event team), Fax: +43.720.349387.23

Public mailing lists:
DeepSec Scuttlebutt for informal news and opinion regarding information security.
DeepSec Call for Papers announcements.
DeepSec Press Release for presss releases and blog articles.