Please find details for all talks here.

Two Days of Trainings (17./18. November)

Workshop 01 Workshop 02 Workshop 03 Workshop 04 Workshop 05
Black Belt Pentesting / Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation
Dawid Czagan (Silesia Security Lab)
Open Hardware Hacking
Paula de la Hoz Garrido (Telefonica TECH)
Defending Industrial Control Systems (closed)
Tobias Zillner & Thomas Brandstetter (Limes Security)
Threat Modeling: The Ultimate "Shift Left" (closed)
Irene Michlin & Kreshnik Rexha (IBM)
Open Source Intelligence Gathering on Human Targets
Robert Sell (Trace Labs)
Workshop 06 Workshop 07
Incident Response Detection and Investigation with Open Source Tools (closed)
Thomas Fischer & Craig Jones (FVT SecOps Consulting, Sophos)
Mobile Security Testing Guide Hands-On (closed)
Sven Schleier & Ryan Teoh

All Trainings cover two days (from 09:30 to 18:30 every day) and include Lunch and two Coffee Breaks.

Two Days of Conference (19./20. November)

Throughout the conference you will get the opportunity of meeting experts at the Hacker's Lounge to discuss security issues and see demonstrations.

Conference, day 1 - Thu, 19 Nov
Left Pirouette Right Pirouette Riding School (ROOTS)
08:00 Registration opens
09:00   DeeSec 2020 Opening
René Pfeiffer (DeepSec Organisation Team)
09:10   DevSecBioLawOps and the current State of Information Security
René 'Lynx' Pfeiffer (DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference)
10:00   EPP/EDR - Unhooking Their Protections
Daniel Feichter (Strong-IT Innsbruck)
10:20 How To Combat Risks Directly From Within Your IDE
Christian Schneider (Schneider IT-Security)
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10   Improve Your Threat Hunt With Adversary Emulation
Thomas V Fischer (FVT SecOps Consulting)
11:30 Abusing Azure Active Directory: Who Would You Like To Be Today?
Dr. Nestori Syynimaa (Gerenios Ltd)
12:00   Old Pareto had a Chart: How to achieve 80% of Threat Modelling Benefits with 20% of the Efforts
Irene Michlin (IBM)
12:20 The Great Hotel Hack: Adventures in attacking Hospitality Industry
Etizaz Mohsin
12:50 Lunch
14:00   Ransomware: Trends, Analysis and Solutions
Josh Pyorre (Cisco)
Exploiting Interfaces of Secure Encrypted Virtual Machines
Martin Radev (Fraunhofer AISEC)
14:20 Security Model Of Endpoint Devices
Martin Kacer (Mobileum)
14:50   DarkCrewBot – The Return Of The Bot Shop Crew
Ori Hamama & Liron Yosefian (Check Point Software Technologies)
A survey on practical adversarial examples for malware classifiers
Daniel Park (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI))
15:10 U21: Protecting Mobile Devices from Malware Attacks with a Python IDS
Kamila Babayeva, Sebastian Garcia (Stratosphere Laboratory, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University)
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00   Journey Into Iranian Cyber Espionage
Chris Kubecka (Hypasec)
No Need to Teach New Tricks to Old Malware: Winning an Evasion Challenge with XOR-based Adversarial
Fabrício Ceschin (UFPR - Ciência da Computação)
16:20 Faulting Hardware from Software
Daniel Gruss (Graz University of Technology)
16:50   “I Told You So!” – Musings About A Blameless Security Culture
Tim Berghoff, Hauke Gierow (G DATA CyberDefense)
17:10 Efficient Post-quantum Digital Signature
Maksim Iavich (DeepSec Scholar 2020)
20:00 Speaker's Dinner
Conference, day 2 - Fri, 20 Nov
Left Pirouette Right Pirouette Riding School (ROOTS)
09:00   The Art Of The Breach
Robert Sell (Trace Labs)
09:20 Street Cred: Fixing Authentication From Passwords To Passwordless
Wolfgang Goerlich (Duo)
09:50   Secure Onboarding in the Eclipse Arrowhead Framework
Silia Maksuti (Forschung Burgenland)
10:10 What's Up Doc? - Self Learning Sandboxes to Defeat Modern Malwares Using RSA: Rapid Static Analysis
Shyam Sundar Ramaswami (Lead Threat Researcher - Umbrella Security org - Cisco Systems)
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00   Security of Home Automation Systems – A Status Quo Analysis For Austrian Households
Edith Huber, Albert Treytl (Donau-Universität Krems)
11:50   Oops! Look twice
Paula de la Hoz Garrido (Telefonica TECH)
12:10 Scaling A Bug Bounty Program
Catalin Curelaru (Visma)
12:40 Lunch
14:00   RedTeamOps
Mert Can Coskuner, Caglar Cakici (Trendyol)
14:20 No IT Security Without Free Software
Max Mehl (Free Software Foundation Europe)
14:50   Am I really becoming a cyborg? Human implants as the next big Security, Privacy and Ethics Debate
Prof. Ulrike Hugl (University of Innsbruck)
15:10 Caught in the Middle with You: Examining the Implications of Adversary Midpoint Collection
Joe Slowik (Dragos Inc, Paralus LLC)
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00   Through the Looking-Glass, And What A Hacker Found There
Mario Valori (Vergilie)
16:20 Practical Mobile App Attacks By Example
Abraham Aranguren (7ASecurity)
16:50   Pivoting - As an Attack Weapon
Filipi Pires (-)
17:10 TaintSpot: Practical Taint Analysis and Exploit Generation for Java
Dr. -Ing. Mohammadreza Ashouri (University of Potsdam)
18:20 Closing Ceremony
18:30 - .:.
19:00 - T.B.A.